Parramatta Road

Stretching roughly twenty three kilometres, Parramatta Road is one of Sydney’s oldest routes, linking the early colonies of Sydney and Parramatta and remaining virtually unchanged since 1797. As one of the main arterial roads leading into the city, it has fed the westward expansion of Sydney much like a river feeds the floodplains. Unlike a river though, which is able to change its course when the volume of water rises, Parramatta Road now finds itself unable to deal with the increase of traffic resulting from the growth of Sydney’s population. There is much discussion about its future as city councils, the government and Infrastructure NSW deliberate on redevelopment and its impact on the surrounding suburbs. Often described as the varicose vein of Sydney, the road has slumped to its nadir. Multiple shop fronts display ‘For Lease’ signs, while many more sit neglected and forgotten. No longer a destination, merely an asphalt corridor for the daily city-bound influx, Parramatta Road is readying itself for dissolution.